QIC in collaboration with QFBA conferred certificates to its Qatari employees

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Doha, 24th Nov, 2014: Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) in collaboration with Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) conferred certificates to nine Qatari employees who completed the first course of a highly resourceful professional training program, which was conducted by the QFBA.

The first course of this intensive training program was especially designed for QIC’s Qatari employees across finance, legal and retail departments. The first course, which started from 9th November and concluded on 21st December, comprised a combination of lectures, discussions and workshop sessions and aimed at delivering pragmatic and innovative solutions with a special focus on insurance. The course also helped the employees to enhance their customer service delivery standards.

Weekly assessments, which were held in between helped to monitor, evaluate and assess the progress of the attendees, who were very positive in their approach and responded very well to the various modules of the course.

On completion of the first course of the highly intensive training program, Mr. Ali Al Fadala, Senior Group President and CEO of QIC Group stated, “This initiative is aligned with QIC’s statement of values -to enhance and develop soft skills of its employees. We organized this course to strengthen and enhance communication, negotiation, selling and customer service skills for our Qatari employees. Further, this course also empowered our Qatari employees by providing them with unparalleled, long-term career development opportunities across the organization. The course helped the attendees to be competent and better equipped to face the highly dynamic Qatari insurance market. Not only that, but this initiative also supports our drive towards Qatarisation and exemplifies the Management’s efforts in transforming QIC to be the choicest workplace for skilled and competent Qataris.”

The course imparted knowledge to the attendees and increased their cognizance of insurance according to the relevance and demand of their respective job profiles. To acknowledge and encourage involvement, progress and performance of the attendees, certificates of participation were conferred to the attendees by Mr. Ali Al Fadala in the presence of QFBA’s eminent dignitaries.

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